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At the heart of every new Mazda sedan or SUV for sale at our Mazda dealer near Boston, MA, is SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY. What is SKYACTIV® TEHCNOLOGY? It's the unique performance-focused features that set Mazda apart from the competition. Mazda engineers put their heads together to find a way to make Mazda models more fuel-efficient and performance-oriented, whether it be through light chassis construction or by flipping the design of internal combustion engines on its head. More than a concrete thing, SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY is an idea that Mazda carries with every new vehicle. An idea that every Mazda adventure around Massachusetts can be efficient and thrilling in equal measures. Buy or lease a new Mazda with SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY from our Mazda dealer near Boston, MA, to enjoy features specific to Mazda brand architecture.


The Mazda driving experience and SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY give drivers the opportunity to cruise the highways and byways of New England like never before. Even when you're zipping down the city streets of Boston, multiple technologies work in tandem to make sure you enjoy a versatile and fuel-sipping journey that only Mazda SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY can deliver. What is SKYACTIV® engine technology? Find out the answer to that query and much more when you visit our Wakefield Mazda showroom.


  • SKYACTIV®-G 2.0-liter and 2.5-liter gasoline engines get the most out of every combustion event by employing higher compression ratios than normal engines.
  • SKYACTIV®-Drive 6-speed automatic transmission can vacillate between smooth shifting and steady acceleration thanks to an advanced control module.
  • SKYACTIV®-MT 6-speed manual transmission offers short-throw shifting speeds for those who seek a manual experience.
  • SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY platform (body and chassis) uses ultra-high tensile-strength steel to make new Mazda vehicles lighter but stronger.
  • SKYACTIV-VEHICLE DYNAMICS with G-Vectoring Control shifts vehicle weight to decrease fatigue and achieve comfortable handling.

Stop by Liberty Mazda in Wakefield, MA to discuss SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY. From our helpful Mazda service team who can help with SKYACTIV® TECHNOLOGY problems to our knowledgeable sales staff who can show you around our new Mazda inventory, we will help you every step of the way.

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